Value Your Work, Value Literature

As DOJ, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Apple, and the like battle it out over eBook pricing here I am, a self publisher of one novel, thinking of my decision to price my book at 6.99. Good decision? I think so. I could have priced it at .99 cents… wait are you kidding me? I put a lot of work into that book! It’s not a short story, it’s a full novel. In my opinion there’s a fair market for short stories at less than a dollar price range. I recently read one and was pleased with my purchase. But should a full novel go for a buck? No! Authors! Do not sell your hard work out like that! A three hundred page novel should not sell for the price of a thousand word story.

I considered pricing  my novel at 2.99, a good price range for  new authors trying to attract the attention of readers I think, and I’ve watched many new authors sell a lot of books at 2.99. But what about the value of each? If a hundred thousand people purchased a book at 2.99 based on good reviews wouldn’t they do the same at a 6.99 price? I think so. I would, shoot I’d pay 9.99. So I ask, why price your book at 2.99? Ah yes, to get people purchasing, it’s a tough market out there. I feel you!

So why did I price mine at 6.99? I think it’s a fair price for a new author. I know it’s a fair price for the work I put into it. If people like it they will purchase it, if not they won’t, nothing secret about that.  I, like everyone else can make many assumptions on what the eBook  pricing wars outcome will be, but the responsibility lies on us, the self publisher, to NOT devalue our work. I have never walked into a bookstore, you know where the traditional (published) books are and purchased a new novel for 2.99! Paperbacks that have filled shelves for years still go for 6.99! That’s where my fair price thought came from, let me explain.

If you feel you have a voice, a good story, something for a large population, or a select genre, whatever your fancy, don’t price your brand new voice, your talent for story telling, your place in the literary world-dirt cheap-for the sake of selling as many copies as possible for a quick buck.  Have faith in readers! They will find you at more than 2.99 a copy. The real challenge in self publishing is not with pricing, it’s with marketing. Letting readers know you have a product they will enjoy. For me self publishing also means we must keep the value of literature in its glory.


About Self Publishing

I did it, I self published my new novel The Tug with Kindle Direct Publishing! Its my first and I am enthusiastic about my venture into self publishing. The preview pages of the author’s work KDP offers to potential buyers is what attracted me to its program. It doesn’t hurt that it’s all free either! I joined a ninety day program to have my title placed in a library for Kindle readers free access.

Like many writers out there I don’t have a money tree out back so I created my own temporary book cover. That took some doing, but it’s actually easy. I created the cover in Microsoft Word, used the “Snipping Tool” in Windows 7, and saved it in JPEG and loaded onto the KDP website. Kindle offers  temporary book covers for use but I wanted to recognized mine out of a list of many other titles right off.

I am beginning to build an author page on the website, amusing, I can write crazy, action packed, suspense stories but writing about myself seems hard. That’s my update for this blog, one I started during the NaNoWriMo when I wrote The Tug. I’ll await the feedback and we’ll see if this type of story captures the interest of readers, if not I have plenty more, but they’re on the spooky side.

I Formed a Habit

I completed my 50,000 words for the NaNoWriMo challenge as seen in my last blog. I was supposed to sleep in this morning. But  I think I”ve formed a habit of waking up at 4 AM! In fact I was up at 3:32 waiting for four o’clock! I’ve read many suggestions to take a break from my draft and maybe I should.

However, the story is still alive and I couldn’t resist. I started the editing process. I’ve re-read the first nine pages and made many corrections, seems I don’t know whether I’m writing in past or present tense.

Well, to be honest I’ve all ways had that problem, but a writer named Gary once said something similar to, “Don’t do that to readers!”So I’m going back and fixing all my little annoyances, and I”m doing it now.

So each morning I’ll complete up to ten pages of editing. I know after a month of literary abandon, as it’s fondly called, I must be insane. But the drive is there and I’ll roll with it.

Speaking about Gary, if your not apart of a writers group I encourage everyone to find one your comfortable with, or like I did, one that gave true criticism. It is a great benefit for writers to have others read their works.

I’ll be here editing away, and searching for the means of which I’ll submit my draft for publishing. That’s a whole other ball game.  I’ll have to think about it, self publish or not?

Oh, and just so to explain the process of editing, I’ve added close to five hundred more words so far. The nuts and bolts was completed with NaNoWriMo, and now I’m bringing more life to my characters. So readers will love them, hate them, feel sorry for them, and yell at them to grow some!

Maybe that talk should stay inside my manuscript, hard to let it go after a month of it! To all who have participated this year…Hooray!

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