Looking Ahead

It seems every morning I need almost an hour to wake up and get the words flowing. 13,346 words behind me and chapter 9 about to begin and my thoughts are in editing.

I know I should leave it alone. But it dawned on me my story isn’t bad and when I complete the 50,000 words all that’s left is some editing, mainly revisiting each chapter and rewording/adding some flare.

Ok that may take another month, too bad NaNoWriMo doesn’t have that challenge for December with some workshop links cause I’m going to need them.

Another blogger just posted some free books for writers that can be downloaded from Readers Digest, and there I found workshops that I think I may look into after November 30th. Thanks for the tip!

A clear set up has happened to my main character Macon, but he hasn’t quite figured that one out yet, and he certainly doesn’t know the truth behind all that’s happened to him. Macon has just received more time in jail. He’s so upset and angry right now he isn’t even aware that there’s a puzzle to piece to together let alone figuring out which pieces fit and how dangerous they become. But he is asking “why” guess that’s a start.

Time’s a waisting and I should return to Macon, though I don’t think he’ll care that I’m there right now. Todays goal is to reach 15,012 words. Progress, and a little pride that goes with it. Though I think mood setting is an area I need to work on in my novel. There’s that editing trying to sneak back in. Please, please go away.


Finished Day 6 on 5

Yes I did! 10,019 words completed, 39,981 and 25 days to go. Macon, my main charater ended up staying at the hospital. Then he was treated so poorly when he return to the jail, with 16 stitches in his head, but hey he has to have trying times right? He’s OK for now so I’ll move on.

I feel so productive right now. It’s my day off work so I slept late, waking up at 6, uh, 5, time changed last night and so it will be dark by 6PM now. Not my favorite time of the year just because it gets dark so early. Oh well, more writing time.

But I’m up before every one else, so there are no distractions. If I reach my word count to meet tomorrows word count goal I will be at 11,669 this morning. Debating on whether to reach Tuesday’s as well. This coming Friday is looking good for time grabbing too. It’s a holiday and so I’ll have more time to write.

Note: Must remember to pay tribute to the Veterans and to my ancestors who fought and/or were drafted and injured and/or died in the Revolutionary, Civil, WWI, and WWII wars on my Ancestry blog. Whatever their roles were they deserve a big HOORAY!

Sometimes things just work out. take for instance, NaNoWriMo’s website has a nifty little word count tracker that gives instant stats once users type in their daily word count. It shows the total of words written, words remaining, current day count, days remaining, and a nice “At this rate you will be finished on…. ” Nice right.

One other stat it offers is how many words on average you’ve written each day. Everyone knows you’ll need 1667 words a day to complete the 50,000. Maybe it’s a mind trick, or coincidence, or just me reaching, but my stats say I have written 1667 words on a daily average. I should go play the lottery. There’s just know way I could have mastered that one.

I’m rambling here, I know, really just wanted to say Good Morning to all, and share a little glory, strangeness, and my quirkiness, bright and early. Too I needed to get away from Macon. He ‘s gonna have to stop whinning so much, he did the crime, so he has to do the time, right.

A thought just crossed my mind the text above just used up nearly four hundred words, 400! Could have spent that on my novel, but I’d have lost my productivity I think.

Day 5 Not So Stalled

8425 words on day five. I reached the goal, but even as I write this post and  like my NaNo novel writing I stalled a little. A break in the making…maybe. But not now. I intend to get another chapter completed today before I go out. The break I’ll get will be to run to the store, watch the soccer game, and take Mom out which pretty much takes care of the entire evening.

The “stall’ as I call it was/is my doing. I need to let the story flow. It’s coming along quite well. But procrastination and second thoughts corrupt my imagination.

Macon my main character just threw the first punch, so he’s occupied for the moment. Five chapters in, I quess a little pause will help me return to help Macon fight his battle, or let him get stomped, I don’t know yet, my imagination seems to coincided with my keyboard pecking.

Another chapter and I’ll be a fourth of the way finished! Right now I have 41575 words that will eventually travel from my brain to my finger tips, whew. Not so bad, its progress.

I’ve read some other posts and see that some others are well ahead of the game, congrats, guess my brain’s a little slower. Speaking of which, this NaNoWriMo challenge seems to have pushed me into getting my novel typed up, otherwise not just in my head.  The deadline motivates me into progress and I wonder if professional authors “deadlines” inspire them the same way.

Well I think Macon got his arse whipped so I better run.

Character Catch Up

I probaby should be focused on my novel as I write this post. But I felt the need for a little reality here. I posted 5033 words this morning and have wrote about a 100 more. Before I return to Macon’s world, my main character’s life in jail, I wanted to share my experience so far. This writing challenge seems, as of right now, doable. Though I do get stalled once in a while as my character decides what he will do, say, or see next. Right now he’s taking a long, well, piss, sorry folks fits with the story.

As many of you probably experience yourselves, I had a plan yesterday to get some writing done after work that was blown when I ended up watching the little one, a four month old cutie, who required my devoted attention. I realize now my life, as do my charcaters, will get thrown a couple of curve balls and I will have to adjust.

I’ll do my best to keep up the 1667 word count daily but sometimes I have to wait for Macon and his friends, or enemies, to decide what their doing so I can share it with 50,000 words by November 30th, if I share it at all.

So on this third day of writing madness I have come to appreciate the end. Meaning I will have a complete first draft of a novel, not like the almost finshed or just started versions of other stories I have benched on my desktop.

This already feels good!

Day II Story is Born

It’s day 2 and I have met my word (s) commitment for NaNoWriMo. I have given birth to a brand new story! The pains of labor have eased, well maybe not, but I have focus and intend to bring this story up to novel size, err, word count by November 30th. Becoming a novel may take some college prep. How’s that for raising the characters? I find taking a short break helps, plenty of sleep too! Now I must go back to my responsibilities, what fun it is to raise a story without editing or looking back! Ok I’ve acted weird enough here. See you soon!

NaNo, 18 Hours to Start

Hello all NaNoWri Mo participants out there! it’s Halloween, always the last day of October. Every year I buy lots of candy for the littles ones who knock at my door dressed in their best character costumes. I try and keep the halloween tradition alive afterall its the best opportunity for little ones to explore their “make believe” little worlds as a superhero, witch, cheerleader, clown, bunny, Freddie, and all the other fun characters they represent. Sure Halloween’s scary, and cold around here,  and I may have to watch out for a sword or two at the front door, but I love it. All the kids, big ones too, use thier imagination as they play out their characters and who knows there could be a  future author behind one of those masks!

How fitting that at the stroke of midnight present day authors wonder into in their imaginary state of minds to produce a 50, 000 word novel in 30 days. I myself have an hour or so to complete my brief outline of my November novel or maybe I won’t. You see once I go into the non fiction world it’s difficult to return to fiction and vice versus, maybe I’m on the edge of madness, maybe we all are, regardless I will and am sure many of you will carry on!

Looking ahead at the calendar I see two doctor appointments and two dentist appoinments, there will be store runs, activities for the kids, my full time job, and I have an adorable 4 month old in the house, this will take some will power to reach 50,000 words, and I am seriously looking forward to all the insanity. I’m reasonably sure all my fellow writers have the same scenarios or some other forces tugging away at progress, but fear not, we can do this! So saddle up, beam up, team up, whatever you do at the starting line and wait, wait for the midnight chime, take a deep breath, and go!

Progress in Planning

Two days from now the challenge begins! NaNoWriMo has a lot of attention in the blog world. If your like me youv’e been in a fantasy state while preparing for NaNo. Tonight I will take a break leave the house and find a spot to work out scenes. I know that’s not exactly a break! I’ve waited until the last minute to prepare and so here I am srambling to put something together!

Regardless,  I’ve written mini notes for 18 chapters for a basic outline of where I want the story to progress. I will do anywhere from 25 to 30 chapters total. I fear the story may fizzle! So I’m going to put some scenes into thought. Write them down for later, and then return to the last of the chapter outlines. Maybe I’ll be ready by the 1st!

However, my writing freinds, my characters have a way of coming to life and going in their own direction from time to time, nifty little actors they are, and when this happens my story changes just a little.  Truth be told I’m looking forward to it because I too would like to know what happens next.


NaNoWriMo Prep

I wasn’t going to do it. I wasn’t going to start another blog. NaNoWriMo is approaching fast and I have found the need to voice or write as my anxiety builds. I previously posted that I would not create an outline, right, what a foolish thought.

Whatever…as time gets near I have been giving some thought to my story and realize a few good scenes aren’t enough to carry even a short novel to 50,000 words. GGRRR! I’m happy to report I have come out of my  fog and have outlined  7 chapters of my story, nothing in too much detail mind you, just enough to give me focus and direction.

Last minute preparations, as if writing the novel wouldn’t be enough excitement, I had to go and do this!

Enough about my ordeal, I read in amazement there are up 300,000 writers out there participating in NaNo this year, though I haven’t heard anything official, but wow, what a turn out! I do plan to donate to NaNoWriMo and hope others do as well, a month long challenge is ideal to get the creative, ok, ok the mind boggling writing spirit flowing again.

Getting that first draft out is worth ten dollars or so to help keep the challenge alive.

I wish every one well! So at the stroke of midnight on November 1st I’ll be sleeping, no midnights for me, so I’ll see you, not really, I’ll actually be with you in spirit at 4 AM! Now back to my rough outline.

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