It wasn’t easy

But I have published my book, Compelled,  at Smashwords, Createspace, and Amazon. I am excited about the new book cover designed by Donna Casey at Editorial service was done by Diane Reynolds.  I send a special thanks for your contribution to this book. I am equally excited about my next title The Genealogists Guest, but I have a lot of work to do with Compelled. Mainly get the news out that it is available. I’ve been reading about marketing, my true weakness, and much of what I gather is that social networking is key, along with word of mouth, and a few reviews. And so I have advertised, should I say, on Facebook, Twitter, and other social websites.



And so, after much thought and hard work on my book, I’ve finally come to a decision…the first and second books belong together, and so, part one The Tug and part two The Thrust will be under one cover.

Yep, I posted the message above on Facebook Saturday, June 16, 2012. It’s possibly the craziest decision I’ve ever made. But fact is as the author of the two titles I couldn’t see them as separate books. The second continued from the first and though I was told, “If people like the first one they’ll buy the second, you’ll sell two instead of one.” The better advice was that I, the author, am the one who knows best. And my gut tells me to do the crazy, to take a chance, and give my passion, my story under one cover. Well actually sell it under one cover.

Maybe it’s the first time published author thing. You know where the rush to get the first part The Tug out to readers was so exciting and, forgive me; irresistible, it had blinded me to the full potential of Compelled. And so, after much thought The Tug and The Thrust will be part one and two in my soon to be released new and not so new novel. The story, you may ask, is love at its strongest triumph, the will to stand against all obstacles, and in Macon’s case, criminals, to save his sweet Anna. A story of a good boy gone bad ass, forced, err, compelled to become whatever he had to, to assure his freedom and he won’t leave without Anna.

The cover is completed! I am happy to give great credit to my new book cover artist Donna Casey. Take a look at her portfolio at If you’re in the market for a cover I recommend Donna!  I’m crazy about the new cover. It will soon be seen at Amazon, CreateSpace, and Smashwords. The editing process is complete with special thanks to Diane Reynolds my editor. All that’s left to do is join the two parts, and yikes, format, and send them on their way to readers. It feels like sending my baby off to, yep, jail!

Interested? Maybe crazy sparks a little curiosity?  I am an indie author! My taking a chance shouldn’t surprise anyone, right, you got me on that one. I don’t know whether my book will be a success, but I hope, pray, wish, want people to read and enjoy my work. So what’s this turmoil of mine all about? It’s about losing one’s self in fiction, mad writing and living, yes breathing each word to create an escape for readers. But not an escape from feeling the emotions because:

Macon will do anything for her. Anna soon finds out how far he will go. They are joined by love and separated by housing units. Set up by cunning criminals and forced to do the unthinkable. Macon finds the strength to free himself but Anna is left behind. He is driven by his love for her and revenge for those who did this to them. His predicament is worse than torture, but he’s relentless and dangerous. They pulled him into their world and now he must push his way back out. He’s not leaving without Anna.

Deadline Forward

Delayed and hindered is how I felt, however I’ve worked my way through illness, lots of family activities, work and chores, you know the drill, and have just sent chapters 6 – 13 of The Thrust to my editor Diane Reynolds. I’m now realizing my April 1 deadline to have it published will be more like May 1, if I work passionately. But I am excited.

In The Tug a youth gets caught up in some trouble with the law and is sent to jail. An unbelievable thing happens when he is backed into a corner by a group of ruthless predators. To survive he must learn the ends and outs of this deadly subculture. He survives but Anna his girlfriend doesn’t. Macon the MC does the unthinkable to save her.

The setting is in current times, in an updated jail with doors instead of bars and dayrooms for inmates to interact. Anyone who’s ever been in jail or have heard the rumors about jail will connect to the story. It is truly another world once one is behind those cinder block walls. My targeted readers are everyone of course but people who work in jails and prisons, or use to, police officers, detectives, anyone in the courts, friends and family of those who are currently in jail, and the curious will find The Tug interesting.

The Thrust is a sequel to The Tug and picks up the story with a deeper plot and surprising twists, with a sense of what it must be like in jail, keeping in mind that officers don’t have as much control as they think. Much goes undetected leaving vicitms on their own…while in Jail! But to make it work, survival that is, inmates must have connections inside and out of jail. Macon’s survival depends greatly on his ability to gain connections. Question is what will he do when he gets them.

I am thrilled to present a modern day jail experience for readers! It isn’t contained inside and could reach any one of us at any time!


Amazon makes it easy to publish an eBook. For those of us who plan to publish or already have that’s old news. It’s good to keep up with all the news on self publishing, and so I’m forwarding an article I found this morning from PRWeb .

I find it interesting that Amazon has 275 million registered users of ther site, and with 100 million people searching Amazon a month, wow it’s amazing Amazon is only fifth place in terms of web traffic as the article reveals. Leaves me to wonder who’s in 1-4th place. ebay? Guess I’ll have to follow the convenient link from the article to to find out.

Links to the orignial report from the article is here  a link to an advertisement to purchase the 17 page report Partnering with Amazon by Ryan Diess. Only the first 1000 purchasers will get the report at $7.

I don’t know if I’ll need this report and many readers of this blog may feel the same way. But any tip on how to sell an eBook through Amazon sounds like a must and so I’ve download the report to my desktop. I’ll be publishing a second  book here soon and I’ll be checking the report out. Tips? I’ll let you know what I use.

New Self Publish Blue Leaf

I try and keep up on all new ideas for self publishing and I came across this article at TheWriteDeal eBook publisher has introduced Blue Leaf self-publishing series to begin later this month. I signed up for membership and downloaded their guide for submissions to Blue Leaf. The Style Guide. The first thing I noticed was that authors would submit a manuscript for acceptance. Feels a bit like traditonal publishing. Submission are by email.

If the WriteDeal publishes your work (if) they design the book cover or if they think the authors own book cover is “intriguing” they’ll accept it. Special note: This could solve my book cover needs. I’d be interested to see what their book covers look like.

If The WriteDeal accepts the author’s maunuscript for publication he/she would be contacted and be asked to sign a contract, traditonal? I don’t know yet. It’s brand new, maybe the first of it kind, so what benefits would the author get besides having their editors approve the manuscript for publication. Could it be possible that due to the editorial and acceptance process the author has a better chance of selling more of their work, something to think about. Are they suggesting their serivce will produce higher quality self published ebooks?

The author would also be selecting payment options, not sure if that meant the author pays to get their work published or how they want to recieve their royalties. 60% is what they advertise.

In addition, The WriteDeal introduces the author with high quality works to traditional print publishers. Like I said its new, it’s interesting and I’ll wait for the reviews. So, what do you think?




New is Good

I gave in. I purchased a laptop with the hopes of getting more done, with writing that is. Sharing a desktop with four other people was difficult, but now I can hide in my room, a coffee shop, McDonalds, the book store, library, or wherever, and write on. I am excited about my next release, The Thrust, and now I can grab more time to finish it. I’ve joined The Book Marketing Network, Twitter, Branchout, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Shelfari, and weRead and so I’ve been spending time getting familiar. I think they are addictive and I am enjoying the chats, and reads. I gave a review on Amazon and am about half way through on the next novel. I chose to purchase and read new author titles or at least new to me. They are Darcie Chan and A K Alexander, both entertained me well. I’ve jumped on board with reading and giving feedback on newly published authors and their work. It escapes me where I got the idea now, but we all need support, or at least reviews of our works, just as much as we need to write. I’m new too! I’m here to stay. I love to write fiction.

Back to Work

I’ve just boasted about my editor Diane Reynolds. She reviewed my first five chapters of the Thrust, edited and returned it for my review. I posed a question for anyone who wishes to share. Do you have an editor you’d love to to brag about? How well does that person work with you? I love being able to send five chapters for review myself that way I can move on with the story which by the way is at chapter seven. Though illness put me behind I feel rejuvenated and a late March early April release date is still planned. Oh how I love the thought of another title published 🙂

This is the Time

Trying out this new quick post WordPress introduced today. It’s great, much easier than the old way.

I’ve done some surfing in the news about ebooks and self publishing. I encourage eveyone to keep pushing the news-This is the Time- for authors to get their works online and introduce to the world their talents. I’m new to it all with one title published and another in the works, but I’m not new to the many works out there that are unpublished and fantastic reads. This- is- the- Time to get your works out there, this ebook thing is only beginning to take hold. The more I read the more I am convinced this will be a great year for authors who self publish. Go ahead give it a shot.

A Story Calling

My first thougth as I write this post is that right outside my window here the birds are singing, the sun is up and shining bright, and I am feeling much better after last weeks kick my butt illness kept my head on my pillow. Now I have lots to do, with my novels that is. I am currently writing The Thrust but as a writer’s need would have it my imagination keeps wondering to a story I seem destined to write. I have a title. I have the plot, I’ve toyed with the idea of having a cover designed for it, I might have to write it.

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