Panic Mode

In my previous post I shared my very first publishing venture for my work The Tug.

Since then I’ve updated my book cover, for anyone looking to self publish creating a book cover is very easy, but the first one I created…honestly it was unappealing.

However, I knew it was temporary and the new amature cover looks much better. I also updated the product review, a short description of the book. Kindle Direct Publishing made it easy and now my work is on the Amazon web site, for sale, and free to select Kindle customers.

To my surprise this morning I woke and saw one unit had been sold. Ten minutes later another. Last check four! Excited? YES! But a little nervous at the same time. Because right now there are four people reading my novel and as I wait impatiently, nervously for a review I’m wondering…do they like it? I love the story and I hope they do too!

About Self Publishing

I did it, I self published my new novel The Tug with Kindle Direct Publishing! Its my first and I am enthusiastic about my venture into self publishing. The preview pages of the author’s work KDP offers to potential buyers is what attracted me to its program. It doesn’t hurt that it’s all free either! I joined a ninety day program to have my title placed in a library for Kindle readers free access.

Like many writers out there I don’t have a money tree out back so I created my own temporary book cover. That took some doing, but it’s actually easy. I created the cover in Microsoft Word, used the “Snipping Tool” in Windows 7, and saved it in JPEG and loaded onto the KDP website. Kindle offers  temporary book covers for use but I wanted to recognized mine out of a list of many other titles right off.

I am beginning to build an author page on the website, amusing, I can write crazy, action packed, suspense stories but writing about myself seems hard. That’s my update for this blog, one I started during the NaNoWriMo when I wrote The Tug. I’ll await the feedback and we’ll see if this type of story captures the interest of readers, if not I have plenty more, but they’re on the spooky side.


“I’m just not enthusiastic enough about the concept of your story to feel that I’d be the right agent for the project.”

The repsonse was extremly quick and an easy rejection. As promised,  this is an update on my finding an agent to represent my latest novel, Tug. It’s a good story but a concept that maybe be hard to sell. Afterall we live in a time where criminals have no sympathy, and so what if there’s an underlying conspiracy by repeating offenders to force petty first time arrestees into a life of submission. A life of incarceration to satisfy a predator’s selfish needs. How would you like to be caught up in that nightmare?

I’m working on a new pitch to sell. I know, I know, I should be hiding my face somewhere, shamed about the rejection. But shamed I’m not. It’s a business and if an agent says she doesn’t feel she’s right for the project, then so be it, I’d want my agent to love it! In all, including rejection, I am really grateful for the extremely fast response. Bravo! She’s on my list and I will submit future queries to her, and one day if my work catches her keen eye I’ll know I have a winner. I’m not stalking just asking.

The Query

About the novel I wrote in 29 days during the NaNoWriMo event. I’ve been through the editing process, I’ve read page after page several times. My word count ended up being 51,653.  Short for a novel I think but doable. I wrote a Query and sent it off in email submission. It takes four weeks to recieve a reponse, which could be “I hate it,” or, “Not what were’re looking for at this time,” or any other response including, “Send us the first five chapters!”

The process of choosing an agent was long, however, I feel the one I chose is right for me and for my realistic fiction piece. Meanwhile my inner voice is telling me to get on that second draft, the one that spins from the first where my protagonist, my hero loser, man….its hard to explain, enters what is almost an alternate world, a world of conspiracy, threats, daring acts, and painful memories, just to be with his girl, Anna.

The agent I chose is good about sending responses but tough on requesting additional material. I’m good with that, I feel if she turns it down I’ll learn from the experience, or maybe its isn’t what she’s looking for. In that case I’ll move on. If she accepts and request more, what I really hope for, and yes I’ve set my hopes on this particular agent to represent my work, then I believe she will love the novel.

Whatever the outcome, and though I’ve written many works past, my first out reach to an agent has just happened, a step forward, a process, a goal completed. Now about that second draft…


A little time for me

…and so I’ve been working on the editng of my draft I wrote during the National Novel Writing Month. My excitement grows as I read and re-read my story. I feel I have something here, though I’ve, and laughing here, had to change a lot of the wording and fix many errors since early this morning. I feel good about the overall story. It has a great plot and lots of scenes throughout the entire draft. A little, or who am I kidding a lot more tweaking and this could be a publishable work.


The assumed good and the definite bad interact behind the walls of confinement. Mental power, physical threat, and surviving time in a world where those who know take advantage, the strong never forget, and the weak look for someone to turn to. We take a journey with Macon O’Reilly, a nineteen year old adult who earned himself a stay at the jail, punishment by confinement. But Macon soon learns it’s not as easy as it sounds. Incarcerated in an environment we choose not to understand, if they can’t do the time we say… and now Macon must find strength to meet the challenges of incarceration and make it back home to sweet Anna, the girl he plans to marry. Neither are prepared for the horror about to unfold upon them in this disturbing narrative of survival among the ruthless.

I titled the work “Tug.” If, when I submit the piece to an agent I’ll update here on WordPress. Whether it be accepted, tossed, or even laughed at, and how I feel about will be shared during the process. But till then I am too excited!

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