5000 Words Past Midway

I have reached more than 5000 words past the halfway point of my NaNoWriMo challenge novel. 30,294 words recorded! I’m thinking to reach 35000 by Sunday, though I’d really like to be at 40,000, little giggle here, 50,000? The thought is nice but I’m afraid it won’t happened. The story itself just doesn’t come to me that fast. I will have to wait for it to arrive.

This past week was a challenge! I have a cold that just this morning feels as though it might go away, a nasty little bug that’s left my nose chapped. I suspect my writing may have dulled during the week because that’s just how I felt!

Which has me thinking, except for a few paragraphs to get me motivated I haven’t read the story in it’s raw form. That’s right I haven’t gone back to the beginning. I’m not going to just yet. But I hope I’ll be surprised when I do and maybe be proud of not only meeting the 50,000 word challenge but also writing an interesting story.

Macon, my main character, has had a turning point. He’s succumed to his enemies demands. He now realizes their control reaches further than the walls that keep him. He just learned how deep in trouble his sweet Anna is, and he doesn’t see how he could save her and himself. He must choose. Maybe.

I’ve read many NaNoWriMo posts and feel the excitement, pain, and relief whether it be by reaching that goal or accepting that the time just isn’t right to complete it, and I have to say that it’s been here at WordPress that I’ve gained motivation to continue on. Thank you bloggers!

The plot thickens

With just over 20,000 words to go in the month long NaNoWriMo challenge, my plot has come full circle. I don’t know if it is too soon, but my main character, Macon, has just been notified.

All the things that’s been happening to him since he begun his jail time and of course just as things were looking brighter his antagonist(s) have revealed just how much they’d do in order to gain control him.

Still I don’t know if it’s too soon with more than 20,000 words to go, a lot happens in that span. But the need to move the story along at this point was clear, Macon had to know why all these things were happening and frankly so would readers.

So after 28,362 words chapter 18 will begin with a little  twist to the story. Macon’s being routed in a different direction while all along longing for things to be as he hoped, as he had dreamed.

I feel its risky! But I do have more plot, scenes, and ideas. If I find I’ve made a mistake, that I’ve moved forward too soon, that’s ok, I’ll add more twist if need be, maybe, oh well bring it!

Little snippets of ideas are also flashing before me, for a second novel, a part two? Part two, what am I kidding myself! I tell myself to ignore those little thougths and get the first one done! Now let me return to my novel and flirt with danger.

I can see the finsh line

27,637 words and somewhere in the middle of chapter 17. I pushed through the difficult second week of NaNoWriMo and am well on my way to the finish. Yes I can see it now. I feel as though I am as close as ever to completing the first draft of a novel.

I know how the story wraps up, actually I’ve known that since the beginning. I’ll need more drama between now and the end but the plot is strong and my main character Macon, well let’s just say readers will grow to like him very much.

Right about now they’ll be cheering him on! But soon they’ll  too be feeling the obstacles that warps his dreams, his efforts, and his patience. After all he’s been through, how could this author be so cruel?

It wasn’t as hard as I thought! It’s a fictional world where anything’s possible.

Halfway There!

There was a struggle to get to 21,671 words the other day, but I am happy to report I surpassed it and added an addition 3,552 words by yesterday evening. I’ve reached 25,223 words for my NaNo novel!

It’s all a matter of sitting down and letting the story tell itself for me. I am at the beginning of chapter 16, I originally had an 18 chapter outline of where I wanted to story to progress, and haven’t followed one scene of it. I have now found that for me following an outline disrupts my fictional work. Thank you NaNoWriMo! I will no longer try and force myself to follow any outline when writing.

I hit a little rough spot there somwhere between 21,000 and 25,000 words but I survived, though one of my characters didn’t, he didn’t last long either, I must confess I used him against my main character. It seems Macon can’t have any friends. The story is moving along, in its draft that is, and I’m feeling pretty good about being halfway to the finish!

We’re Sorry,

but something went wrong.

NaNoWriMo has been kidnapped, or blown up, or shut down for astonishing content! Whatever the case is I feel disconnected. But not to fear they left a message,

We’ve been notified about the issue and will take a look at it shortly.

Whew that’s good to hear, but what if its a lie, what if they’ve been snared by too many words, or worse a jealous rival!

Don’t know what happened but for a writer its a another ploy of some sort in the world of fiction here. Enough to trigger a thousand more words I’d say!

Just when I thought

I didn’t have anymore. I managed to complete 21,802 words total now, and have chapter 14 waiting for me. Having needed 21,671 to catch up I’ll take the little extra 131 words and leave them right there in chapter 13.

I hope everyone is buckling down and making progress. I have found that even if I don’t feel inspiration once I sit down the words just come.  I just blew through 1000 words without even realizing I’d come that far.

My main character Macon is now labeled as a trouble maker as he made his way back to the hole for yet another fight. He hadn’t planned on being there again. The jail is beginning to wear on him and there’s more to come. He may find help but will it be in time…I don’t know yet. Chapter 14 will somehow reveal it.

I read somewhere that this is where many people stop writing their novels. I do not want to give up now.

See you in 1,667 or so words.

Distracted by Photos

Last evening my Aunt Shiela visited and brought with her a bunch of old photos. My other blog SimTab Ancestry is my first passion and I am missing it while I particpate in NaNoWriMo. The photos are of my ancestors some of whom I’ve met and some I’ve never  had the opportunity to meet. All are great and it is a real pleasure to have written about them and finally seeing what they looked like.  The clothes they wore well you know it was the 40’s, and the cars, and homes, and hairstyles, laughing here, but it all touches my heart. Of course this has distracted me from my NaNo novel.

18,376 That’s how many words I’ve written. If I complete another 1,667 words I will at least be up to date and finish by November 30th. So I’ll sit here and struggle my way through as all those wonderful pictures sit close by. I can’t wait to scan them and add them to my SimTab Ancestry Blog. My aunt said there’s many more, and now December 1st, after NaNo, another goal, a current hobby, with another activity will occupy my days.  I am excited!

Now back to my main character Macon. Well, a call for duty as an inmate has come. Macon doesn’t quite know what it is Nathaniel wants from him but he bets its illegal or at least against jail rules. “We got some business to do,” Nathaniel wrote on a piece of paper. Macon has no intentions of joining Nathaniel in anything, but Nathaniel has a secret weapon, a way to get Macon to do what he wants, or else.

So I’ll now write another 500 words before I take a break. I must finish this novel that’s become a good story.

Oh No I Falling Behind

Yesterday I didn’t log my word count into the NaNoWriMo’s word count tracker! Why? I hadn’t completed it! Oh, I managed to get nearly a thousand words out before work yesterday, but I had to leave early for work, to get home early and take the baby to the doctors, and the teen to her last soccer game, and by the time I made it home last night at eight my creativity was shot. I’m a early bird, no qualms about that.

So I just finished my word count for day ten, on day eleven, I know, not good to fall behind. I added the new count on NaNo, and though the day before yesterday the little stat feature advised that at that rate, the day before yesterday, I would finish my novel, or 50,000 words by November 29. I thought, great! Not so bad. It has drastically changed today.

I typed my word count in at 16,719, note 1667 times ten is 16, 670. I should be 49 words into day 11, right?  Well guess what at this rate I now won’t finish my novel until December 2nd! 1667 words today may help.

But I lost three days! What’s that little joke, “That by Tuesday even the calendar is saying WTF!” I refuse to not meet my 50,000 words by November 30th. I don’t care what the calendar is stressing about.

By Tuesday I will find my three days by writing myself into permanent residency with my main character Macon, who by the way just witnessed a tragic event and wonders about his own well being. I realize living with Macon will be difficult but if that’s what it takes so be it. Now back to knocking out day 11 and possibly day 12 too!

Hang in there all, life just happens.

Time for Words

680 words to go before I reach today’s goal. The evenings here have proven to be of no use for writing. As a result I’ll have to stay up late tonight and get those 680 words out before midnight. I managed to get 987 words completed this morning though! Somehow my novel continues to grow with lots of action and plot.

Macon, my main character, has experienced some of life’s tragic moments and therefore a transformation is currently taking place. His anger serves to mask his pain. He got to Calvin, that lying little snitch bitch, and beat the crap out of him! Sorry for the vulgarity here, it fits the novel. Anyway a little leak of information on the true happenings behind Macon’s back has been revealed to the readers. But just a little.

I’ll have some extra time this weekend to work on my novel. At least that’s the plan! I hope to get ahead of the game in effort to finish before the Novemeber 29 date of completion that the NaNoWriMo website has projected for me. With busy evening schedules around here I haven’t been able to attend any write in’s scheduled so far this month. Feel as though I’m missing out, but if I’m to finish this novel by the deadline and still keep my family, you get it.

I wonder, this is only the second week, but I feel as though it’s been a long time. My story has surpassed real time and months have gone by inside my novel. So I’m feeling months older! I imagine many other writers particpating in November’s challenge feel similar.  A lot happens in nearly 16000 words. So where has real time gone? Am I missing it? November’s madness lurking between what I believe is “real” time and my novel’s timeline, or timezone, or something like that.

Where is Chapter 10?

I was in a slight panic, a little negative voice planted inside my head was speaking, “Your not going to get your word count in,” it said. Little booger is annoying. Last evening was a little chaotic true and I couldn’t get to my desktop to write, true, but no reason to panic. Turns out it was a little booger and I managed to get my word count in at 15153 words despite the troll who attemtped to stun me.

My main character, Macon has just recieved bad news after a period of “no problems.” He’s yet to respond and I haven’t yet found out what he will do next. But he’s vulnerable and its time for the vulture’s to attack! So far he’s found several friends and more enemies, and of course those “friendenmies” as I call them, those so called buddies whose only goal is to use and abuse others. Macon’s stalled or shocked at the moment and I have left him there at the end of chapter 9.

I have to start chapter 10 and honestly have no idea what happens in chapter 10. I’ll wait for the story to happen I guess, and hopefully it will do so by tomorrow morning. All these worries! It must be that little buffer on Friday that has me in turmoil, I’ll be off work and its weighing in the back of my mind …I’ll have extra time to write, so relax! Problem is what if nothing happens on Friday! You know no creative writing, writer’s block?

I must stop worrying, I have plenty!

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