The plot thickens

With just over 20,000 words to go in the month long NaNoWriMo challenge, my plot has come full circle. I don’t know if it is too soon, but my main character, Macon, has just been notified.

All the things that’s been happening to him since he begun his jail time and of course just as things were looking brighter his antagonist(s) have revealed just how much they’d do in order to gain control him.

Still I don’t know if it’s too soon with more than 20,000 words to go, a lot happens in that span. But the need to move the story along at this point was clear, Macon had to know why all these things were happening and frankly so would readers.

So after 28,362 words chapter 18 will begin with a little  twist to the story. Macon’s being routed in a different direction while all along longing for things to be as he hoped, as he had dreamed.

I feel its risky! But I do have more plot, scenes, and ideas. If I find I’ve made a mistake, that I’ve moved forward too soon, that’s ok, I’ll add more twist if need be, maybe, oh well bring it!

Little snippets of ideas are also flashing before me, for a second novel, a part two? Part two, what am I kidding myself! I tell myself to ignore those little thougths and get the first one done! Now let me return to my novel and flirt with danger.


About Ann Simpson
Ann Simpson lives in Falmouth, Virginia near the Civil War Battlegrounds of Historic Fredericksburg. Most of her paranormal writing takes place in the early morning before the family wakes and the spirits rest. She loves to write and read paranormal mysteries, suspense and drama. Book one of the Dark Guests Series, The Genealogist's Guests, was published in October 2013. Ann is currently writing book two, of which she may title, Megan's Heritage, sounds great...I just came up with it. I think I'll keep it!

One Response to The plot thickens

  1. Ann Simpson says:

    Goodness, I wrote that post three years ago and I never received a comment from anyone. I think you can turn off the notifications on your end. View the bottom of the email you receive, there should be a link to stop receiving them. Sorry, you were bombed with all the emails. I checked my blog and the only comment there is the one I just approved that came from you. Weird, right? If it continues to be a problem I’ll contact WordPress. Thanks for reading my blog 🙂

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